At a Glance - the 6 steps to the definitive driver's license
1. Learner's permit application
  • Learner's permit application complete and sign truthfully
  • Submit in person with valid first aid certificate, current eye test, color passport photo and original identity card/passport (foreign citizens require an original residence permit) to the residents' registration office in your municipality of residence or directly to the Road Traffic Office.
  • prepare for the basic theory test
  • original identity card/passport (foreign citizens must submit the original residence permit)

2. Basic Theory Test
  • At least 17 years
  • Valid for an unlimited period
  • Passing the basis theory test authorized the holder to receive a learner's permit
  • Limited validity of the learner's permit: 2 years / only in Switzerland

3. Practical Driving Education
  • At least 17 years
  • Requirement: valid learner's permit
  • You have the choice: automatic or manual transmission
  • Practical driving education up to test maturity with a licensed driving instructor
  • Recommendation: Supplementary private learning and practice drives with accompanying persons
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4. Practical Driving Test
  • At least 18 years
  • Requirement: valid learner's permit
  • Requirement: attended mandatory traffic safety course: duration 8 lessons
  • Requirement: completed driving education up to test maturity
  • Requirement: mandatory learner's driving experience of at least 1 year up to the age of 20 (not required for the second learner's license)

5. Probationary Driver’s License
  • At least 18 years
  • Valid for a limited period: 3 years
  • Requirement: passing practical driving test
  • Good to know: the first time the license is withdrawn, the probationary period is extended by 1 year. In case of the second withdrawal, the probationary driver's license is revoked and cancelled.
  • Obligation to attend 2-phase advanced training (WAB course) in the 1st year of the probationary period: duration 7 hours

6. Definitive Driver's License
  • At least 21 years
  • Requirement: valid probationary driver's license at the end of the probationary period
  • Requirement: attended mandatory WAB-Course
  • Valid for an unlimited period

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