Private learning drives - further training for accompanying persons

Would you like to accompany your child on practice and learning drives, but don't know exactly what the requirements are for you and your learning car and how your child can get the most out of them?

Actively support your child with private practice and learning drives, this increases the driving routine and what has been learned can be further practiced and consolidated - because it always takes longer to correct what has been learned incorrectly than to learn new things correctly from the start.

What exactly is tested on the practical driving test and how can your child get the most out of private practice and learning drives? What requirements are placed on you as the accompanying person and on the learning car? Get to know the most important exercises and rules so that you can get the most out of your learning drives. Additional valuable tips will help you to make private learning drives even safer.

I will be happy to show you step by step what you need to pay particular attention to and at the same time refresh your knowledge so that you are up to date and can provide your child with targeted support!

Course duration:    2 lessons
Course costs:         CHF 100.00


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Be successful - I will be happy to support you in theory and practice to achieve your personal goal!