First Aid Course - for your driving test

Learn to react correctly in emergency situations and to give first aid!

The First Aid Course is mandatory if you want to obtain a learner's license for the car or motorcycle. You will learn how to correctly assess an emergency situation and how to initiate immediate life-saving measures so that you can save lives and protect people at the scene of an accident from further damage.

Important to know:

If you already have a category A, A1 or B1 driver's license, you no longer need to submit the first aid certificate. The First Aid Course can be completed from the age of 16 and is valid for a maximum of 6 years. In most cases, it lasts 10 hours and is divided into two days, often on weekends or in the evening. Holders of a driver's license of one of the mentioned categories as well as physicians, dentists, veterinarians and medical care personnel with a recognized diploma are exempt from attending the course.

My tip:  Attend your First Aid Course at the Samaritan Association of the Canton of Zug and take a few friends with you - because it's simply more fun together.