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Learn to drive relaxed and safe:  Lexus UX Hybrid or Toyota Yaris

Choose between two top modern driving school cars (automaticmanual transmission) for your driving education. Both cars are equipped according to the latest technical standards and guarantee you a lot of driving fun as well as a great learning success. You will be amazed at the easiness of driving - your ideal partners on the way to your driver's license!


Lexus UX 250h F-Sport, 184 PS, Automatic

A compact crossover with a balanced hybrid drive, sporty elegant design, luxurious equipment and great driving comfort. The UX offers you an exemplary overview, supplemented with a rear view and 360° panoramic camera as well as many useful assistance systems, which make driving and especially maneuvering much easier and simpler.  A perfectly suitable driving school car - so that you always feel comfortable and safe.

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Toyota Yaris 1.5, 125 PS,  Manual 

A nimble small car, stylish, dynamic, talented and full of energy. Exemplary comfort and safety features, combined with a rearview camera and a crisp 6-speed manual transmission, make the Yaris what it is - a safe, clear and easy-to-drive driving school car. 

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You have the choice - Automatic or Manual?

Are you still unsure which transmission you would like to choose for the driver education? Both have their advantages and disadvantages.


Any questions?

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