Control Drive - officially ordered control drive

Have you received an invitation for an official control drive and don't know exactly how to prepare for it?

A control drive is ordered in the interests of road safety and mainly serves to check the driver's driving skills and fitness to drive. There are various reasons that can lead to a test drive being ordered. This can affect senior citizens, but also other drivers.

  1. If there are doubts about the driving competence of a driver, e.g. senior citizens who have been conspicuous in traffic and drivers with health restrictions, the cantonal authority can order a control drive with a traffic expert.

  2. In the case of medical restrictions, a medically supervised control drive can also be ordered to clarify fitness to drive. However, this requires a doctor to apply to the Road Traffic Office for a test drive following a previous examination, in which both a traffic expert and a doctor take part. The fitness to drive is assessed by the doctor after the control drive.

  3. Holders of a valid foreign driver's license who wish to exchange their license for a Swiss driver's license and are not exempt from a control drive. Exchange driving license - LEARN MORE >>

Good to know:

A control drive is comparable to a driving test! The control drive is deemed to have been passed if the person concerned proves on a control drive that he knows the traffic regulations and knows how to safely drive vehicles in the categories for which the driving license is to be valid.

If the control drive is negative or if the driver fails to attend the control drive without an excuse, the test is deemed to have been failed. A negative driving test cannot be repeated and will result in an immediate driving ban. In this case, your driver's license will be revoked and cancelled for an indefinite period of time at your expense.

After a negative control drive, the person concerned can apply for a learner's permit if they wish to be allowed to drive again. However, if medical reasons have led to the test drive being ordered, it must be clarified whether the minimum medical requirements for driving a motor vehicle are met.

If the person concerned no longer fully meets the minimum requirements mentioned, even with aids, the driver's license can also be restricted instead of being withdrawn completely. Such a restriction can, for example, be of a local or temporal nature, relate to certain types of road, certain types of vehicle or to individually adapted vehicles.

 Plan your preparation for the inspection trip in good time - it's worth it! 


For a successful control drive, I strongly recommend that you have your driving skills checked in good time by a recognized driving instructor - because your personal goal requires the best possible preparation!

I will be happy to show you step by step what you need to pay particular attention to and at the same time refresh your knowledge so that you are fit and up to date for today's road traffic.


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